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Batch File Generator, v0.6 Beta

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The Batch File Generator (henceforth BFG) allows a selection of files to be generated from an EDL in a number of useful formats. Independent control of each file can be exercised, including it's start and end times, file type, bit depth, and number of channels. Each file may be independently named and pathed. Generated files may overlap in any way desired; i.e. the list of files need not be linear. To facilitate the export of large numbers of files, the view of files may be sorted based upon any criteria.

Currently supported filetypes:

  • PCM Wave files, 8, 16, and 24 bit, mono and stereo, optional BWF extension, with or without WPD files.
  • Floating Point 32 bit Wave files, mono and stereo, optional BWF extension, with or without WPD files.
  • PCM Aiff files, 8, 16, and 24 bit, mono and stereo.
  • BWF (Broadcast Wave) files contain relevant timestamp information from the Multitrack.
  • The BFG can also send files to LACE, which can export in MP3 (using LAME or Blade Encoders) and Ogg Vorbis formats. Note this requires LACE version beta7 or newer.

The demo version is limited to one export at a time, however it is still useful as an extension to SawStudio's exporting capabilities.

Files are generated when SAW's 'Build To Fx' function is invoked. Only files within the currently selected area will be built; alternately, the files you wish to build (or rebuild) can be manually selected from the list. If no area or files are selected, it is assumed that you wish to build all files. A pop-up dialog confirms which files are to be built.

The BFG is particularly useful for automatically generating sample libraries in a situation where the mix may need to be altered downstream. I've personally found it be a huge timesaver in generating drum kit samples from full multi-track drum recordings. I do most of my sequencing in Propellerheads' Reason using sounds generated from SAW; if I decide I need more or less room mics later in production, I simply re-open the drum recording in SAW, adjust the mix, and rebuild the kit. Upon relaunching Reason, the new sounds are intact. This technique would work equally well with any of the VSTi Sampler modules available in conjunction with SAW's Midi Workshop.

  • Functional demo version (will output only one file at a time)
  • Instant online purchase; immediately upgrade the demo version to full functionality
  • $50 USD