JMS Audioware

What's New?

  • 09-28-08 -- Posted BFG v0.6; fixed a NASTY bug, this update is a MUST if you use 24bit output from BFG.
  • 12-14-07 -- OMG! Cue Sheet Generator has been updated to v1.9.1!! Read about the changes here.
  • 4-20-06 -- Cue Sheet Generator has been updated to v1.9e. Read about the changes here.
  • 10-15-05 -- Posted BFG v0.5a; added customizable zero padding to automatic filename creation.
  • 08-30-05 -- Batch File Generator v0.5 is here with a plethora of fixes and enhancements.
  • 05-22-05 -- Cue Sheet Generator has been updated to v1.9c. Read about the two bugfixes here.
  • 05-19-05 -- Freeverb for SawStudio has been updated at a user's request... AutoTracking (active plugin follows HotTrack) can now be disabled.
  • 04-07-05 -- BFG is here! I'm posting the Batch File Generator. While still in beta, it seems to be working well and I certainly invite feedback on it. It's available to check out over at the BFG page.
  • 04-07-05 -- Cue Sheet Generator has been updated to v1.9b to ensure compatibility with the new update of LACE.
  • 04-07-05 -- LACE has been updated to beta7! This version allows LACE to talk to the Batch File Generator. Also, all three included codecs have been updated to their current versions.
  • 12-14-04 -- I've updated the Metronome for SawStudio, after being alerted that it wasn't working properly at high sample rates, 88.2kHz and above. That's been fixed. I've also added some rudimentary sample rate change code so that the click doesn't varispeed at non-44.1kHz sample rates.
  • 7-15-04 -- Posted Cue Sheet Generator 1.9; some new features (load/save, generate cue sheet only) and some bug fixes. Check the revision notes for details.
  • 10-13-03 -- Posted a Hi-Res EQ update (v1.9) and a Program Compressor update (v0.9). Support for the JMS-Buss extension and numerous bug fixes. Read the revision notes for the EQ here and the Compressor here.
  • 10-09-03 -- Posted the first incarnation of the JMS-Buss extension (SawSudio only!). An additional set of 64bit Floating Point mix busses, it can be used for various utilitarian purposes, including an extra set of aux sends, or looping returns and output channels back into input channels. Similar in principle and function to the old SAW Aux Send/Receive Module.
  • 10-02-03 -- Posted Cue Sheet Generator v1.8. Read about the revisions here. Also of note, Nero 6 now accepts a '.cue' file as a command line argument. What this means to the CSG use is that CSG can be set to automatically open Nero's burn window with your new .cue file, saving you precious time.
  • 7-01-03 -- Updated Program Compressor (now beta 0.8)
  • 6-16-03 -- Posted SawStudio Freeverb update
  • 4-18-03 -- Posted Latency Compensator, and updated Program Compressor
  • 3-12-03 -- Posted the Program Compressor!
  • 3-12-03 -- Posted FX32Linker update, beta 0.6. Fixes Win98/ME issues
  • 3-12-03 -- redid underpinnings of website, yahoo!! Please let me know if any of this fancy CSS stuff doesn't work right...
  • 1-15-03 -- Posted Metronome version 1.4, with MIDI Clock and a bevy of fixes.
  • 11-03-02 -- Posted HiRes EQ DirectX version 1.1. This fixes a compatibility issue with Sonar XL2.
  • 10-05-02 -- Posted SawPro Freeverb 1.2 -- fixes the P4 bug.
  • 7/16/02 -- Version 1.0 of PanMaster 4000 is released, for SawStudio only.

Program Compressor for SawStudio

The single-band Program Compressor is finally ready for public consumption! Painstakingly designed to actually sound like an analog compressor, it also includes some nifty sidechain EQing options. Although designed for stereo program material, it's certainly useful for individual tracks as well.

Metronome for SawStudio, now with MIDI Clock/SPP output

The SawStudio Metronome has been updated, adding MIDI Clock output. Combined with MIDI Yoke (or another similar program), this allows for very accurate synchronization between SawStudio and Reason, Orion (Platinum Edition), Ableton Live, or any number of other programs. Best of all, it's free.

PanMaster 4000 for SawStudio

The PanMaster 4000 is a fully automated, multiple LFO waveform, variable intensity, variable speed AutoPan and Tremolo. The LFO time can be set using speed (in Hertz), time (in Seconds or Millseconds), using a TAP Control, OR by using Studio's current tempo.

Once again, the real fun of this plug-in comes courtesy of SawStudio's automation. I've been over-using the "slowing down tremolo" effect myself, lately :)

Also, the Autopan is truly equal energy, meaning if you pan something in a mix, and that mix is reduced to mono, the autopanned signal does not pump.

Cue Sheet Generator for SAW (revised)

Version 1.7 of the Cue Sheet Generator is here, with some useful enhancements. Cue Sheet Generator greatly simplifies the creation of CDs within the SAW environment. It features a graphical interface for the placement of CD Track and Index Markers, and includes keyboard shortcuts that work directly from the SAW MultiTrack window to greatly accelerate the placement of IDs. CD Indexes show up directly on the SAW MultiTrack display, for graphical feedback of where you're placing your IDs. IDs can also be placed and removed "on the fly."

Also included is full PQ code support -- such as CD Catalog Number, ISRC Numbers, and all CD-Text fields (for the overall CD, and for individual tracks).

Once your CD is laid out in Cue Sheet Generator, it will generate a .cue file and it's associated WAV files in the location of your choosing, completely automatically. The Cue File can then be automatically opened in the CD-Burning application of your choice, and very quickly burned to disc.

Hi-Resolution Equaliser for DirectX is here!

The JMS Hi-Resolution Equaliser has been so well received in it's SAW Native version that we couldn't help but port it to DirectX so that others may take advantage of it's extremely good sounding, analog-esque smoothness. Not only does it sound fantastic, it's been coded in assembly language for blazing speed. On a modern system, you should be able to run many, many channels of this top-notch EQ without difficulty. The EQ's algorithm took a very long time to develop, but it was worth it. Download the fully functional, time limited demo to hear for yourself.


The 'RC' in RCDelay stands for Really Complicated, or maybe Really Cool... or Rather Complex? In any case, don't let the name scare you. It's capable of creating some very cool effects -- everything from basic slapback to simulating an Echoplex's heads being moved in real time. And of course it's completely automated. Check it out, the demo is free.

Hi-Resolution Equaliser

Since it's release in September of 2001, our first commercial release, JMS Hi-Resolution Equaliser, has received a tremendous response. Designed for mastering, the Hi-Res EQ is the culmination of months of research into filter design and assembly language optimization techniques, delivering a full 64 bits of computational accuracy. It's got that "silky" API or Neve smoothness. Download the fully functional (time limited) demo; I think you'll agree the sonics speak for themselves.

New Forum Location

The SAW User's forum is now located at news:// Many thanks to Guenter Matejicek for hosting the newsgroup.