JMS Audioware

Buss Extension and Send/Receive Module

The Buss Extension was written to facilitate sidechaining between my EQ and compressor, but once I had the Extension working well I threw together a quick and dirty Send/Receive module to go with it. It has an ugly Windows GUI and no automation, but it's functional. As many channels as desired can 'send' into the buss, but only one can receive. If the 'receiving' channel is a lower channel than any of the channels sending to it, those channels will incur a (1) buffer delay... It's fun to route your reverbs back into a channel and then send back off of that channel, and melt your speakers Careful kids, feedback can happen!

At the moment it features eight busses; this number may rise if anyone has a need. The busses themselves are 64bit floating point, and the Send/Receive module math is done in that domain as well.

This package is for SawStudio only, and it is freeware.